Christmas at the TSS

Ho Ho Ho! Cheered everyone as we welcomed Sheila A.K.A. Santa to The Senior Station. And what a sport she was! Dressed in a full Santa costume, complete with balloons and a bag of treats, Sheila danced and clapped, setting off the Christmas spirit at our annual party. We’d like to thank Tania Polonnowita Wettimuny of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Pvt) Ltd whose sponsorship allowed us to organize a really grand party. We’d also like to thank Angeline Ondatjie, Munni Fazleabbas, Murtaza Esufally, Tasneem Akbarally and Sabir and Kim for their contributions that made the morning extra special. It was a program created by the members that started with carols sung by Swini, Sriani, Sheila and their friends. Soon all the other members joined in to some foot tapping numbers and sweet odes like Silent Night. Claude made a beautiful presentation on his experience of one year at The Senior Station which was followed by a tribute from Dolly and Miriam to the organisers. Everyone applauded the bonds of friendship that have evolved over the year, and joy that we experience at every session. The appreciation and love that the members poured on the organisers was truly touching, bringing many of us to tears. The party however continued. A dance performance by the organisers to the Christmas favourite, Santa Baby got everyone hooting, and a hilarious skit by Farook and his troop had us in splits. Birthday boy Gladstone brought a cake and everyone sang to him. Then there was a lucky dip conducted by Farook with many prizes, and a special program by Rajah called Laughter is the Best Medicine. Towards the end of the program we passed around glasses of a fruity, spiced drink, and shouted ’Cheers’ in different languages from around the world. We raised a toast to many more happy times at The Senior Station and closed with a bang as members burst bon bons laid out for them at their tables. But that was not all – The grand finale was the most sumptuous meal with turkey, stuffing and many more Christmas treats; And before everyone left they got a surprise gift that the organisers had laid out for them under the Christmas tree. This has been the most wonderful year and we look forward to meeting all our friends again at The Senior Station on January 8th 2019. Till then – Seasons greetings and happy holiday!

Senior Station-logo copy

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