Happy New Year

We greeted each other with an enthusiastic Happy New Year as we met after a three week break. We started our session with Sheila, Claude, Raja, Indrani, Nihal, Priyanthi, Kubra and Husseina lighting the traditional lamp. These wonderful people have been regularly visiting The Senior Station since its inception. We then wished Punyakanthi, Manique and Indrani who have birthdays this month. This Tuesday we had the privilege of having Binu Jha, a highly qualified yoga teacher, who instructed us on yogic meditation, breathing and exercise. It was a great session that put us all into a reflective mood. So next we play ‘the resolutions game’ which helped us think about goals for self improvement which we shared with each other. A presentation on how New Year is celebrated around the world was quite enlightening. It was interesting to note the different customs and traditions with which people around the world brought in the New Year!

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Christmas at the TSS

Ho Ho Ho! Cheered everyone as we welcomed Sheila A.K.A. Santa to The Senior Station. And what a sport she was! Dressed in a full Santa costume, complete with balloons and a bag of treats, Sheila danced and clapped, setting off the Christmas spirit at our annual party. We’d like to thank Tania Polonnowita Wettimuny of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Pvt) Ltd whose sponsorship allowed us to organize a really grand party. We’d also like to thank Angeline Ondatjie, Munni Fazleabbas, Murtaza Esufally, Tasneem Akbarally and Sabir and Kim for their contributions that made the morning extra special. It was a program created by the members that started with carols sung by Swini, Sriani, Sheila and their friends. Soon all the other members joined in to some foot tapping numbers and sweet odes like Silent Night. Claude made a beautiful presentation on his experience of one year at The Senior Station which was followed by a tribute from Dolly and Miriam to the organisers. Everyone applauded the bonds of friendship that have evolved over the year, and joy that we experience at every session. The appreciation and love that the members poured on the organisers was truly touching, bringing many of us to tears. The party however continued. A dance performance by the organisers to the Christmas favourite, Santa Baby got everyone hooting, and a hilarious skit by Farook and his troop had us in splits. Birthday boy Gladstone brought a cake and everyone sang to him. Then there was a lucky dip conducted by Farook with many prizes, and a special program by Rajah called Laughter is the Best Medicine. Towards the end of the program we passed around glasses of a fruity, spiced drink, and shouted ’Cheers’ in different languages from around the world. We raised a toast to many more happy times at The Senior Station and closed with a bang as members burst bon bons laid out for them at their tables. But that was not all – The grand finale was the most sumptuous meal with turkey, stuffing and many more Christmas treats; And before everyone left they got a surprise gift that the organisers had laid out for them under the Christmas tree. This has been the most wonderful year and we look forward to meeting all our friends again at The Senior Station on January 8th 2019. Till then – Seasons greetings and happy holiday!

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Eagle pose and more

A big thank you to Samantha Elapatta who visited The Senior Station to conduct a truly enjoyable yoga session for us. Samantha is an experienced instructor from Canada who specialises in yoga for seniors. This week we played a thrilling game of Bingo. ”I have the full house!” exclaimed Farook. There was a buzz in the air followed by a murmur of relief, for it was a false call. And so we battled it out till Claude took away the top prize. On a closing note we’d like to wish Gladston, Farook, Irangani, Gwen and Mary who celebrate their birthdays this week.
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We are at the top of the world

This week at The Senior Station our special guest was Johann Peiris, the second Sri Lankan to scale Mount Everest. Johann’s was a truly inspiring story – There was extreme disappointment when he had to turn back on his first attempt just 400 mtrs away from the peak; He spoke of sheer determination that brought him back to the mountain in the face of life threatening challenges. And he took us through the ultimate ecstasy of summiting the world’s tallest mountain. Johan wished us well with a quote from Sir Edmund Hillary – ‘It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.’
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Travel in your chair to Germany

Kudos to Masuma who came fully kitted out for The Senior Station’s Travel In Your Chair program which was based on Germany. She entered the hall waving the German flag and wearing a garland of red, yellow and black, and what a grand welcome she received. We’d like to thank Max and Marie, and also Julia and Karina from the German Embassy who taught our members some German words, and helped us run a presentation and quiz on Germany. They also joined in games traditionally played there, and gave members an insight to German culture including the very popular Oktoberfest. The big treat of course was a delicious meal put together by The German Restaurant.

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Senior Encounter by Janaki Bamunusinghe

Sunrise magazine in my hand
Pleased I am of all content
Senior Station, the most interesting
A place for seniors to gather and gain

Myself just into retirement
Curious of many a things
Contemplating, whether I am to fit in
Best is to let it come from within

Entering the premise with some doubts,
Will I be accepted, will I be welcomed?
The security trying to figure my presence
Says “It’s Room No.3, you may go in”
Although amazed by his guess
Rest assured, I make my way in.

While I searched for a place to sit
Someone said “Good Morning, are you new”
Isn’t that the best, one could hear?
For someone to feel so received

The gathering started right on time
Punctuality is a great sublime.
Pretty ladies took over the floor
Captured the hearts of all and more.
One after the other the acts followed
Fitness, knowledge, history and galore

All senses in use to its fullest
Enjoyed by all, that’s for sure
Bringing their voices whenever desired
Captivatingly selfless with expression

Gentlemen balancing fun and joy
Ladies keeping them well occupied
All came to an end without a feel of time.
A kindly bunch served tea and some treats .
Well packed, from the best of place

Thank you, young ladies for the treat
All of you so overly sweet
Young as they are, making us feel so
Long life to thee and good health for us too.

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Deepavali Lights Up TSS

Lights and colour were splashed everywhere at The Senior Station this week, as we celebrated the festival of Deepavali. It was wonderful to see all the members turn up in such finery, eager to participate in the festivities. Sajeda got us in to the swing of things by introducing some fun songs to her exercise routine. Indeed, when there’s music in the air, our members are irrepressible. Then came the Kolum and lamp decoration competition. We were quite awestruck by the intricate designs the members came up with, using coloured rice, sequins and glitter. We had a special surprise this week, but before that we celebrated the birthdays of the month. Indrani, Swini, Munni and Shenaz took the center stage as we sang and wished them well. And then the grand finale – a troupe of 6 dancers put on a fabulous high energy performance to foot tapping Bollywood numbers. Munni then got all the members on the floor to teach them some Hindi movie moves. She showed us the bottle-cap-opening step, the swatting-the flies step, the flying-the-kite step and more. What a grand time we had! This month’s delicious birthday cake was from Ambrosia.


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Ghosts and Ghouls take over TSS

Sajeda’s revved up exercise routine and an exciting visual quiz got us all energised for The Senior Station’s Halloween Special. We traced the history of Halloween, and learnt how to carve pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns – A fun activity that Priyanthi and others are now keen to do with their grandchildren. Sriani then told us a funny ghost story from her youth, and suddenly it seemed like almost everyone had an anecdote about a supernatural encounter to share. We closed on a lighter note as Nihal, Farook and Swini sang some of our favourite songs and we all joined in!
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Four pictures and a word

We were happy to meet the representatives of Revival Physical Medicine Clinic who visited The Senior Station this week. Proprietor, Ranjini and Lead Physiotherapist Thayumanvan demonstrated to our members the importance of correct posture and gait, very important factors in preventing injuries to the body. It was a very interactive session with many questions from our members .Quiz time came with a bit of a twist this time as we played a version of 4 Pics And a Word – a game that uses visual clues to find a word. Nothing like a challenge to get our members spirits soaring!


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Art, money and positive energy

The Senior Station was visited by three lovely ladies who shared with us their skills and expertise. Rekha, a yoga and meditation instructor, started us off with yoga exercises that brought our attention to our breath. Her calm positive energy helped us focus on more serious matters such as money – Chamila Nagendran, an investment manager who specializes in investments for seniors, then discussed how to optimize our savings while securing them from potential financial hazards. Finally it was Nisreen Amiruddeen turn to cheer us up with a workshop on painting with water colors. The works of art left us truly spell bound!
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