A Parody – To the Dengue Mosquito

Dengue mossie did you midss your direction

From the clean drain water when you flew

 take an U -turn in search of a bite

Pet dog Toby who could not stop you has no wings to fly

To save his little buddy from the sting

You broke into a family fast asleep

The day went by and the youngest a burning fever

Ambulance ride as if in a dream

Ended up on a hospital bed family distraught

God could not have created you

You are an Intruder

Just fold your wings

Get lost! Scram and don’t ever come back

I cannot take my revenge!

I am an Avenger!

For it was my innocent

Lovable Grandson you bit!

And I cannot get you!

                                                       -Dawn Fernando

aunty dawn

Our first writer’s testimonial-

Me a writer? My fascination for words amazed my parents at a very young age- No training but one day I discovered my talent and soon I was a free lance journalist. I joined a writers group, met my old friend Christine Wilson who became my role model. She encouraged me and I published my short story book- Sunrise- Sunset, and now my second book. When God gives you a talent don’t let it blow in the wind.

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